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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - Studio Imperiali Rag.Marco

 The business world increasingly affected by processes of transformation and innovation make it appropriate and convenient for all employers, business and otherwise, of any size, locate an outside professional, labor consultant, to be entrusted with the care and / or the advice of all the obligations inherent in the administration of personnel. The Labour Consultants are professionals with ability to provide answers that are adapted to the evolution of the socio-economic world. If you believe that the administration of your staff is something more than the development of a "simple" pay slip, then you need a consultant, one of Labour. The Employment Consultant has the "specific skills" required to meet your needs. You submit solutions to contain the cost of labor, advises you and guides you in the solution of many problems related to personnel. And 'deep knowledge of issues related to the world of work, studies, updates, t'informa. The firm Imperial Rag. Marco carries out its activities exclusively in the field working with the advice of the work and administration of personnel with all requirements related and consequent resolutions. The aim of this study is to provide its customers a personalized professional service of high quality, without neglecting the human relationship between Client and Professional. The constant study and renovation, as well as collaboration with specialized professionals in the legal, taxation and corporate clients enable the firm to benefit from advice always complete. This site will allow you to know us better and to get in touch with us for more information.